2500! We did it!

We finally hit the 2500 Subscriber mark on YouTube!!  I just wanted to thank each and everyone off you for being amazing and hangin out with me for as long as you all have!  For a bit of history, I have been on YouTube since November 9, 2014 and have released over 3250 videos for over 250 games!!  We have 770,000 views and I have been uploading an average of 2 1/4 videos per day every day that entire time!

It is because of people like you I keep doing what I do and am loving every minute of it!  This has never been about money or fame for me it’s about fun and friends (oh and free games haha).

If you’re reading this before Dec. 1 2018 I am doing a giveaway of around 10 games for all my awesome subscribers on YouTube and Twitch!  Be sure to go to my Twitch & YouTube channels to follow/Subscribe and get notified of the draw date!


Again thanks for all the love and support and if you wish to do more check out my Support page to donate there!
Much Love and Much Respect!

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